The user acknowledges having read these general conditions of use referring to the MyDiGiTT® personalised presentation platform, available on the website www.mydigitt.com.

The certificate and the presentation are offered in a frequent questions document that the user acknowledges having read before accessing the MyDiGiTT® personalised presentation platform, available by clicking the FAQ tab, on the website www.mydigitt.com.


The following conditions shall apply to all users (hereinafter, users) of this platform.

The company ALTERNATIVE DIGITALE reserves the right to modify these conditions at any time, in order to bring them into line with the legal and regulatory modifications in force.



Access is reserved to users who have a DiGiTT® service contract, signed previously with ALTERNATIVE DIGITALE, whether directly, or via an individual or legal entity (hereinafter, the customer), designating them as the beneficiary. (The educational establishment in which they are registered or the company or any other entity in which they are employed or are collaborators, partners or members).

The services provided and all of the conditions for access to the platform shall be governed by the contract signed between the customer and ALTERNATIVE DIGITALE.

Free or paid access to such services by the user designated as the beneficiary, in accordance with the framework contract signed with the customer, shall be governed, where applicable, by the agreements concluded directly with the customer, which are not the responsibility of ALTERNATIVE DIGITALE.

By virtue of the DiGiTT® service contract, the user has the necessary computer and electronic communication tools in order to access the MyDiGiTT® personalised presentation platform, using a login and password that can be customised on the first connection.

The user acknowledges that he/she has the necessary knowledge to use this platform.

ALTERNATIVE DIGITALE shall employ the necessary resources, as part of its obligation with regards to the provision of resources, to ensure that the personalised presentation system available on the platform can be used, except in cases of force majeure, IT difficulties, difficulties related to the structure of the telecommunications networks or technical difficulties.

Users undertake to follow the instructions given by ALTERNATIVE DIGITALE regarding resetting their password, in the "My account" section, and to maintain the access and personal identification codes provided to them confidential.

Users assume full responsibility for the use of the access codes and for the activity carried out through such access codes.

If the user discovers that his/her access codes have been stolen, or that they are being used without authorisation, ALTERNATIVE DIGITALE's technical support service must be contacted immediately by email, at the following address: contact@alternativedigitale.com.

For maintenance or upgrading purposes, or in the event that there is evidence that the security of the platform could be at risk, ALTERNATIVE DIGITALE may also interrupt access thereto, making every effort to inform users.



This platform may be accessed with a username and password from any device (computer, tablet, Smartphone). The user will be able to access all of his/her results and complete presentation for a period of 3 years from receipt of the email containing the DiGiTT® score and the provisional username to access the MyDiGiTT® personalised presentation platform, in accordance with the conditions defined in the contract signed between ALTERNATIVE DIGITALE and the customer. The user undertakes to maintain his/her username and password strictly confidential.

3.1 The personalised DiGiTT® presentation

Available from the home page of the MyDiGITT presentation, this personal area will provide users access to:


a) their DiGiTT profile, on which they will find:

* their score with their DiGiTT badge and, where applicable, their rating

* the digital radar and detailed information regarding the test-specific scores, offering a detailed overview of the results, indicating the necessary areas of improvement

* the score obtained in the 9 tests of the DiGiTT baseline


b) the "My knowledge" section, in which they will find:

* detailed information regarding the results for each of the 9 tests and for each of the associated fields of knowledge, accompanied by a comment and recommendations enabling them to improve their digital skills.


c)the "Understand my results" section,

  • where they will find all of the detailed explanations to correctly understand their individual presentation and, particularly, information on the badge, the radar and the score.

d)the "Go one step further" section, offering a selection of books, internet pages and other useful information so that they can make progress on all aspects of the test.

e) a downloadable report in PDF format so that they can easily share the presentation in full by email.

f)a DiGiTT certificate that can be downloaded in PDF format in order to justify their results to anybody that requests it.


3.2 Public profile

The personalised DiGiTT presentation, available in the user's personal area, is personal and confidential. However, users have the possibility to make certain data on their profile public, so that they can share the main results and, in this manner, promote themselves in the professional world.

To this end, in the "My account" section users have the possibility to customise their public DiGiTT profile, which will include the main data that can be shared with their contacts on the social networks regarding the following data.

· a contact email

· a url to their Linkedin page and/or to their viadeo page

· the url of their internet page, when available

Users are solely responsible for defining their shared data and for the visibility of their public DiGiTT profile, as well as for sharing their badge and for any other information deriving from their personalised DiGiTT presentation with third parties, through the social networks or by email.

The user undertakes to faithfully communicate the result of his/her test and the content of the personalised presentation and shall be the only person responsible in the case of falsification or fraud.



No appeal shall be admitted by users or customers against the results of the test and regarding the data transmitted within the personalised presentation.

The objective of the DiGiTT service is to certify the level of digital skills and knowledge necessary for a positive adaptation in the professional environment. Therefore, ALTERNATIVE DIGITALE does not guarantee that users will obtain a job or specific qualification or professional opportunities, or the completeness of the information transmitted.

The selection of books, Internet pages and other useful information to help the user to progress in each aspect of the test, in the "Go one step further" section, is not exhaustive.

In the event of proven non-compliance with the security procedures and with the probity requirements after taking the DiGiTT test, ALTERNATIVE DIGITALE reserves the right to launch an enquiry to verify whether the customer has complied with the security and integrity conditions upon taking a test or, where applicable, to restrict the user's access to the MyDiGiTT® presentation platform.



Access to the MyDiGiTT personalised presentation platform and use of the services thereof does not imply the transfer of the property right to users.

The general structure, the programmes, the tests, qualifications, texts and contents, images, whether animated or not, the sounds, the databases and all other elements making up the page and the MyDiGiTT® personalised presentation platform are protected by intellectual property rights.

ALTERNATIVE DIGITALE owns such rights, as author and editor, or by acquisition from third parties.

ALTERNATIVE DIGITALE has the necessary rights in order to communicate all of these elements to the public, among others.

Therefore, any reproduction and/or representation by users of the protected elements, in any form and by any means, is strictly prohibited, except with the prior written authorisation of ALTERNATIVE DIGITALE. Any adaptation, translation, transformation, modification, arrangement or distribution of an element making up the pages and platforms, in its original or derived form and for any purpose, is also formally prohibited, without the prior written authorisation of ALTERNATIVE DIGITALE.

The representation and/or reproduction, in any manner and in any medium, constitutes an offence penalised in articles L 335-2 et seq. of the Intellectual Property Code, which may entail criminal or civil penalties.

Likewise, the brand names MyDiGiTT, DiGiTT and ALTERNATIVE DIGITALE, along with any other trademark, service mark and logo, are registered trademarks, protected by the Intellectual Property Code. The total or partial reproduction and the use of such brand names, without the prior and express authorisation of ALTERNATIVE DIGITALE, constitutes an offence for which the perpetrator shall be held liable.

All of the names of products or companies referred to in this platform that do not belong to ALTERNATIVE DIGITALE are protected by intellectual property rights.



Use by the user of the hypertext links included within the MyDiGiTT personalised presentation platform that lead to outside resources offered on the Internet is the responsibility of said user and the company ALTERNATIVE DIGITALE may not be held liable for such use. The users of the platform may not create a link to the MyDiGiTT personalised presentation platform or to any other DiGiTT platform without the prior and express authorisation of the company ALTERNATIVE DIGITALE.



The automatic processing of personal data has been declared to the National Commission for Information Technology and Civil Liberties (CNIL). The user, by virtue of the provisions of law no. 78-17, on information technology and civil liberties, of 6 January 1978, amended, has the right of access, rectification and objection with regards to his/her personal data, for which the data controller is responsible.

To this end, it is simply necessary to write to ALTERNATIVE DIGITALE, at the address contact@alternativedigitale.com.

The user may also consult or modify his/her personal data, by accessing the page "My account" on the MyDiGiTT personal area, which can be accessed with a username and password. Personal data shall not be disclosed to other companies or third parties that are not associated with the MyDiGiTT service.

The data provided by the user on his/her public profile that is not related to his/her real identity shall not be considered as personal data.

ALTERNATIVE DIGITALE collects non-personal data in order to determine trends and generate statistics and to calculate the national average of the tests, making comparison possible in the personalised presentation.



As part of its obligation with regards to the provision of resources, ALTERNATIVE DIGITALE shall make every effort to provide users with available and verified test tools and information and to guarantee the proper functioning of the platform offered.

The content and results of the tests are provided by ALTERNATIVE DIGITALE for information purposes. ALTERNATIVE DIGITALE shall not be held liable for the absence of comprehensive and accurate data and under no circumstances shall it be held liable for the content and results of the tests, or for their consequences, which may not be subject to appeal against ALTERNATIVE DIGITALE.

ALTERNATIVE DIGITALE is not liable for the content of the information transmitted or conserved by users, or for any errors or omissions in said content and the damage resulting from the use thereof.

ALTERNATIVE DIGITALE shall not be held liable in the event of damage resulting from computer viruses and other programmes, produced due to the use of the platform or the incorrect use of the service by users.

ALTERNATIVE DIGITALE shall not be held liable for delays or abnormalities due to the insurmountable and unforeseeable action of a third party, or in the event of a failure with regards to the service and access to the platform related to limitations of the Internet network, server failure, electrical problems or others.

In the event that the platform fails, or that it is impossible to provide a particular service, for any reason, the conditions established in the service contract shall apply, in which case the user shall be required to contact the individual or legal entity that has subscribed to the service of which the user is beneficiary.



The content of the DiGiTT platforms is subject to French law, both with regards to the rules of content as well as the rules of form.

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